Thimphu thromde demolishes two huts in Taba

Thromde: Following a high court order, Thimphu thromde demolished two attached huts in Taba, yesterday.

The high court issued the order in December, last year.

There were a series of arguments between the thromde officials and the occupants. About eight people who resided in the hut pleaded thromde officials to give them a few more days before they demolished the huts.

The arguing and pleading went on for almost an hour.

The head surveyor Samten Dhendup said that following a high court verdict in 2012, the thromde had given several notices to the occupant, Tashi, who once owned the land.

The first notice was issued on October 28, 2012. After Tashi failed to demolish the hut and handover the land to the present owner Rinchen Jungden, the thromde partially dismantled the hut on September 4, last year.

Sometime in 2007, a friend of Tashi’s, Wangchukla borrowed Nu 2.4M from Rinchen Jungden. During the borrowing, Tashi who had stood as a guarantor also mortgaged his 18 decimal land, which he jointly owned with his elder brother Chencho. The elder brother is currently in France working in a monastery.

After borrowing the money Wangchukla disappeared. He has not been traced so far. Rinchen Jungden then sought legal means to get back his money. He appealed to the court. In 2012, the high court awarded Tashi’s land to Rinchen Jungden.

Thromde officials dismantle the huts

“He was again given time to demolish on his own but instead it was re-roofed,” said the surveyor.

When Tashi did not vacate and demolish the hut, Rinchen Jungden appealed to the court again. Following his appeal, the high court issued another order on December 4, last year. The court order stated that Thimphu thromde did not implement the previous order of demolishing the hut and handing the land over to Rinchen Jungden.

In a December 16 notice, the thromde gave Tashi 21 days to remove the hut and vacate the land. Tashi responded by asking the thromde for a time extension. When thromde informed him that it was not authorised to give a time extension, he was told to produce a stay order from a “competent authority” within seven days. But Tashi failed to produce a stay order.

Thimphu thromde executive secretary Minjur Dorji said, according to the final notice, after seven days (January 28), thromde could go ahead and demolish the whole structure without any further notice.

“Thromde is just following the court’s orders. We’ve been asked to enforce the court order and report back,” he said.

Thromde officials helped Tashi’s family members to pack their belongings. A DCM truck was lent to the family to transport their belongings to another location.

By Nirmala Pokhrel


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