PCAL sues Kuensel

The Penden Cement Authority Limited (PCAL) on April 20, filed a defamation case against Kuensel at the Samtse dzongkhag court for maligning the company’s image in the April 9 story, “PCAL in deep water?”

PCAL’s legal and lamsoel officer, Tshering Dorji, in a telephone interview said the company decided to go to court after the issue came up for discussion during their board meeting recently.

Tshering Dorji said Kuensel did not verify the information it reported in the story and that people have now started questioning the quality of Penden cement. “The court will study the case first,” he said.

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  1. doyaT
    doyaT says:

    Please don’t be so agonized my dear shareholder. I believe I am also one among the senior shareholder of Penden cement. Payments are always made to the shareholder as per the board’s assessment and it is always very exact all around.
    We shareholder should instead entreat PCAL for the being worth.

  2. tsheringp
    tsheringp says:

    what ever as the company’s legal officer proclaimed, i think it is very right and will be beneficial for the employees and the company’s future too. And also it is neither wanting to rub the wrong way.

    As i look upon.

  3. logical
    logical says:

    If what Kuensel reported is true and that defamed PCAL, the blame will go back to PCAL. Individuals and organisations/institutions should not resort to practicing actions that causes DEFAMATION when the witnesses/spectators inform about it to the public.

    Please dispatch our dividends for 2014 and settle the rest amicably. Peace.

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