The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) submitted its letter of intent to the Election Commission of Bhutan (ECB) yesterday, to secure a berth in the primary round of election on September 15.

“We are humbled and honored to have been able to participate in the third election,” the party president Tshering Tobgay said adding that it is a privilege to serve the Tsawa-Sum yet another time.

He added that PDP has more exciting activities that would drive the country’s progress in its manifesto, which would be launched in a few days time.

The general secretary of the party, Jigme Zangpo said that the party manifesto is finalised and a copy has already been submitted to ECB. “It is basically about continuity and in pursuit of Wangtse Chirphel with more focus on agriculture and industries,” he said.

The size of 12th Plan, he said is double the size of the 11th Plan. He said that both financial attention and focus should be doubled and that PDP is ready to shoulder it.

As of yesterday night, the party was conducting a meeting on what their candidates are allowed to do and not. “We have clear instruction from our president that any statement and conduct by its candidate that could lead to negative sentiments and corruption would not be tolerated,” the general secretary said.

After the party submitted its letter of intent, the general secretary said that candidates’ background are well scrutinised. Even a verification has been carried out as to whether the party’s gewog and dzongkhag coordinators are registered with another party or not.

Hereon, he said that party has discussed the logistics for the presidents’ visit in dzongkhags and which places to be covered. “In the common forum, we have explained to the candidates the dos and don’ts,” he said.

In keeping with the party’s tradition, PDP is planning to launch its campaign from Punakha.

The party has also hinted that both the president and vice president will get an opportunity to participate in the two presidential debates that would be held on August 26 and September 2.

Tshering Dorji