The People Democratic Party’s (PDP) candidate for Drametse-Ngatsang constituency in 2013, Tshering Dorji, will be contesting for the upcoming National Council (NC) elections from Chaskhar gewog in Mongar.

After the 2013 elections, he worked as a marketing officer of a private consultancy firm based in Thimphu, Bhutan A2Z Research and Economic Consultancy firm.

Tshering Dorji from Yangraphungshing in Mongar has Bachelors in Business Management from Hindustan College of Arts and Science, Bharathiar University, India. He graduated in 2011.

He said that his work in the consultancy firm involved him in various projects related to socioeconomic development and environment.

Tshering Dorji said that he prefers to contest in NC, as it is in line with his dream and ideal of knowing all the local issues and the efforts towards solving those issues.  “I admire the duty of NC. As a house of review, it can do immense works in reviewing and screening plans, legislation and policies that government initiate by maintaining proper check and balance.”

He said that as a graduate of business management, he is interested in the fields of rural entrepreneurship development and agro-based business.

He added that if elected, he would focus on reviewing policies related to local economic development such as agro-based business and development of local level small enterprises. “I will also try to address youth unemployment problem by facilitating rural markets and resolving rural-urban migration to prevent the trend of guntongs.”

He said contesting in the 2013 Nation Assembly elections taught him to participate in a clean election and that candidates from different backgrounds and fields should work together towards a common goal.

“Personally, contesting for NC is my uncharted territory and I seek to have firsthand experience in it this time,” he said. “I expect it will provide me more knowledge and skills to serve the country in the future.”

Tshering Dorji is conducting familiarisation tour of the dzongkhag as of now. He has completed seven of the 17 gewogs.

Karma Cheki