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Bhutan Development Bank (BDB) and Bank of Bhutan (BOB) in Pemagatshel are catering to clients closer to their homes during the lockdown.

The team from the BDB escorted by the DeSuups started the delivery of essential banking services in Zobel gewog and Pemagatsel town on January 5 and 6. The group covered Zobel, Ngangmalang and Kherigoenpa villages in the gewog. 

The BDB branch manager, Yeshey Jamtsho, said the bank delivered the services to the identified locations after availing prior movement order from the Dzongkhag Covid-19 task force. “The team strictly followed Covid-19 preventive measures and health protocols.”

  Safety first: Villagers wash hands before availing the services

Safety first: Villagers wash hands before availing the services

He said more than 28 clients availed the services with the total transaction of Nu 570,500. The clients deposited about Nu 280,000 and withdrew Nu 280,500 while the team collected Nu 10,000 loan repayment.

Yeshey Jamtsho said that about seven clients installed the bank’s mobile App, and installed the Druk Trace App for five individuals while about 11 clients updated the details.

He said the team also catered to the 12 clients in Pemagatshel town with the total transactions of Nu 118,900. Following the unlocking of the dzongkhag, its branch office in the town opened with minimal staff. 

The BoB branch office also took banking services to the people of Ngangmalang, Zobel, Mongling, Khergoenpa and Khoreypam with the total transaction of about Nu 2.31 million (M) on January 6.

The BoB branch manager, Deepak Khati, said the clients withdrew Nu 0.42M and deposited Nu 1.89M, besides availing the other services.

“The response from remote people was overwhelming, and it made us realise the importance of digital banking, and we’re ready to provide any services if required in other places,” Deepak Khati said.

He said there are 16 agency banking (BoB Connect) covering almost all the gewogs in the dzongkhag. “We have shared the list of agents with their contact details to the Covid-19 task force to refer to our agents should anyone require the service,” he said.