Eleven gewogs in Pemagatshel nominated six candidates to contest in the NC election next month. The nomination zomdus that started on February 26 ended on March 1.

Of the four aspiring candidates from Shumar gewog, Sherig Gyentshok, a former research associate with Loden Foundation secured 343 ‘yes’ votes.

A lone candidate from Dechhenling gewog, Choning Dorji secured 187 ‘yes’ votes and 44 ‘no’ votes. He last worked with the Construction Development Corporation Ltd.

A law graduate, Sonam Dendup secured 312 ‘yes’ votes and 30 ‘no’ votes from Nanong gewog zomdu.

Securing 260 ‘yes’ votes and 29 ‘no’ votes, a former consultant with Asian Development Bank, Sangay Wangchuk has made it through the gewog nominations. He was the lone candidate from Yurung gewog.

Khar and Norbugang gewog had a candidate each. Ugyen Dorji from Norbugang gewog secured 259 ‘yes’ votes and 21 ‘no’ votes while Jamtsho from Khar gewog secured 321 ‘yes’ votes and 36 ‘no’ votes.

Ugyen Dorji has worked as a town representative while Jamtsho served as a senior branch manager with the Bank of Bhutan.

Shumar gewog zomdu

Shumar gewog zomdu

Of the 11 gewogs in Pemagatshel, Shumar gewog had four aspirants while Dechhenling, Khar, Norbugang, Nanong and Yurung gewogs had one each. There was a lone female candidate, Jangchub Choden from Shumar gewog.

Meanwhile, Chhimoong, Chhoekhorling, Dungmaed, Zobel and Chongshing gewogs had no candidates. “Since there were no candidates from these gewogs, election officials conducted voter education,” Pemagatshel’s dzongkhag election officer, Tsheltrim Zangpo said.

Tshetrim Zangpo said more than 4,000 eligible voters voted in the zomdus, a high voter turnout compared to the past. “It was because of voter education conducted in chiwogs and schools,” he said.

Kelzang Wangchuk


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