The three constituencies in Pemagatshel received a total of 10,230 postal ballots, of which 2,426 were conventional ballots and 7,804 were facilitation ballots as of 5pm yesterday.

Constituency wise, Khar-Yurung constituency received more postal ballots than other two constituencies.

The office of the returning officer in Nganglam constituency received 2,572 postal ballots, of which 535 were conventional postal ballots and 2,037 facilitation ballots. There are 7,095 eligible voters registered for this constituency.

The Nanong-Shumar constituency received 805 conventional postal ballots and 2,531 facilitation ballots. Of the 3,336 postal ballots received, the office of the RO rejected nine ballots – six conventional and three facilitation ballots. The constituency has 9,457 eligible voters registered.

The officials said that they rejected the nine ballots because of blank identity declaration certificate (IDC), no citizen identity card (CID) number written, candidate identity revealed, no constituency name and wrong constituency address, among others.

The office of the RO in Khar-Yurung constituency received 4,322 postal ballots, of which 1,086 were conventional ballots and 3,236 facilitation ballots. Officials said that the office rejected 33 ballots because of no IDC, among others.

Meanwhile, a total of 283 polling officials and 203 security personnel left for 60 polling stations in Pemagatshel on October 16.

The dzongkhag administration arranged transportation to ferry the officials to their stations.

Returning officer (RO) of Nanong-Shumar constituency deployed 83 polling officials and 51 security personnel to 17 polling stations while the RO of Nganglam demkhong deployed 84 polling officials and security personnel for the 18 polling stations.

The office of RO in Khar-Yurung constituency deployed 116 polling officials and 75 security personnel to the 25 polling stations. There are 9,589 eligible voters registered in this constituency.

“Of the 60 polling stations, Arden in Choekhorling gewog in Nganglam constituency and Woongborang in Dungmin gewog in Khar-Yurung constituency would be the challenging polling stations, as the team would have to walk for more than five hours from the nearest road point,” officials said.

There are 26,141 eligible voters registered in the dzongkhag.