Rinzin Wangchuk

Making laws and policies more intelligible for the common people for the prosperous future of the country is among the pledges of the three candidates vying for the National Council’s (NC) seat from Pemagatshel.

They made their pledges aligning with their expertise.

For instance, candidate who is a lawyer by profession, Choining Dorji, said he would focus on amending the existing laws and the drafting new laws to address problems and challenges faced by the community.

Two other candidates, a banker, and a veterinarian, wanted to educate people on laws and educate society.

The public debate is telecast live from Nangkor Central School on March 22.

Choining Dorji has a stock of pledges to review policies and draft new laws that would help speed up development activities.

“To make our laws understandable, more user-friendly and accessible, I’ll implement good law initiatives and draft rule-making procedures to address problems our people are facing today,” he said.

He said that some existing laws affecting people on a daily basis would be amended and new laws like Limitation Law, Civil Liability Bill, Mines, and Mineral Bill, and Impeachment Procedures Bill be drafted for the benefit of the people.

“I’ll also help constituents in legal matters, call ministers’ attention to any matter of urgent public importance and assist in development activities,” Choining Dorji said.

Reviewing and streamlining the policy of the Royal Monetary Authority’s (RMA) “three to six-month observation period” on Non-Performing Loan (NPL) borrowers is one of the priorities for the former banker from Nanong, Yeshey Jamtsho. He said that the policy is not clear whether the NPL borrowers will get new loans after the six-month observation period is completed. “Such terms and conditions have impacted the people of availing loans,” he said.

The 49-year-old said that he would help and facilitate those people facing problems and challenges due to a lack of proper understanding of laws and policies.

“I have seen such problems when I was serving as a banker with the Bhutan Development Bank Limited (BDBL) for four years in Pemagatshel,” Yeshey Jamtsho said, adding that he would review policy and increase the load capacity of trucks for the benefit of truckers and owners.

“If I am elected, I will fulfil the aspirations of the people and serve the Tsawa-Sum with humility and compassion,” he said.

The former veterinary officer, Jamyang Namgyal from Shumar, promised to focus on realising a prosperous society with dynamic policies by promoting technology adoption, organic agriculture, and export facilitation.

To maintain culture and community for community, the 34-year-old candidate said he would support community initiatives and cultural education in the formal education system.

“If given the mandate, I’ll ensure education as a tool to nurture skilled and empowered spirit,” he said, adding that he will promote enterprises to transform the poor as an architect of the national economy.

Jamyang Namgyal said that he would promote professionalism and accountability in ensuring quality service to the people and strengthening national sovereignty.

Of the 11 gewogs, eight gewogs did not have nominees for NC elections.

Pemagatshel has a total of 28,564 eligible voters.