Development: Majority of people accepted the draft structural plan for Nganglam Yenlag Thromde yesterday.

The draft development plan for the 1,000-acres town from Tshengkari bazaar to Rinchenthang was presented to the people of Nganglam chaired by Lyonpo Dorji Choden.

According to the outlines of the draft plan to improve the existing old town and the development plan of Rinchenthang because it would be a centre for the growth of Nganglam Thromde.

Most of the landowners own more than 13-decimal land in Rinchenthang.

The plan is to integrate the existing town with the proposed new town to bring in development.  The plan incorporates construction of bus terminal, segregation of heavy and light vehicles and a flyover bridge between Nganglam Central School and football ground, among others.

Designed for the period of 20 years, the plan will ensure protection of the biological corridor, maintaining the rural settings and preserve the cultural and agriculture landscape.

The town today has population of about 6,000, which is estimated to increase to more than 18,000 by 2035.

During the consultation, people asked if they could do away with the land pooling, pay the private landowners and then allocate the plots the shopkeepers. Lyonpo Dorji Choden said that all these processes will be done as per the existing laws.

“If the government and people keeps arguing over different issues, the town will never come up. We should work together. We’re trying to work as fast as possible and complete the plan by June,” said Lyonpo Dorji Choden

Lyonpo said that government will prepare the detailed local area plan for Rinchenthang after another public consultation.

The plan is being prepared by the Department of Human Settlement in collaboration with M/s Radical Infraventures India Pvt. Ltd and with M/S Bhutan Urban Development Engineering Services.

Yangchen C Rinzin | Nganglam