Cjiwog: Borongma villagers of Menchu-Nganglam Chiwog in Pemagatshel have requested the gewog officials to bifurcate the village and make it a separate chiwog. Borongma has 51 households and population of 399.

Borongma is a resettlement village and people there are known as Shillongpas.

Norbugang Gup Karma Rabten proposed the bifurcation during the recent Pemagatshel Dzongkhag Tshogdu.

He said that it is difficult for people to travel to the chiwog to attend zomdus because Borongma is located 24km from the chiwog. The village, located below Nganglam-Panbang highway, is about 15km from the gewog centre.

Karma Rabten said that although the village is located near Gashiri Chiwog, it couldn’t be clubbed with Gashiri because the chiwog already has about 80 households.

“That is why the villagers have to travel all the way to Menchu-Nganglam even to get a signature or seal from the Tshogpa,” he said. “If the village is made a separate chiwog, people can have their own tshogpa and attend to the problems conveniently.”

He added that as per the Local Government Act, a gewog should have a minimum of six chiwogs and a maximum of eight chiwogs. “Based on the Act, present situation and population, it might be feasible to make Borongma a chiwog.”

Tshogpa Tashi Wangmo said that with large number of households, it is difficult to deliver the services equally to the people of Borongma, which is located far from the chiwog.

“It’s a problem for the villagers when they need to get even a sign for census or loan,” she said. “We usually contact through phone but sometimes we cannot attend to the problems in Borongma.” Even Nganglam bazaar comes under Menchu-Nganglam chiwog.

Nganglam Dungpa Tshewang Tobgay said that the issue of bifurcation could be resolved later, if not immediately.

DT chairperson, Chongshing Gup Pema Dorji, said the issue is genuine since the village is located far from chiwog and gewog centre. However, DT members do not have authority to take the decision.

Pema Dorji has requested the dzongkhag administration to forward DT resolution to the Department of Local Governance and Election commission of Bhutan.

Yangchen C Rinzin, | Pemagatshel