It was one of the busiest nights for the Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa president Lotay Tshering last night. The job is done and between answering phones and checking the provisional results on the laptop, Lotay Tshering has no time to soak up the win.

His party, DNT has won the majority votes, 2,702 more votes than the second party, Druk Phuensum Tshogpa to contest the general round on October 18. DNT won 92,722 votes out of 291,098 votes cast through postal ballots and EVM.

Although DNT won in 16 constituencies, six less than the second, DPT, their smaller margin of loss in most constituencies gave them the winning edge. DNT also won the maximum postal votes, 37,556.

Except for Trashigang, Pemagatshel, Samdrupjongkhar, Trashiyangtse, and Mongar in the east and Haa in the west, DNT fared well in all the dzongkhags with larger margin. This helped the party win more votes.

DPT, to the surprise of many swept all the constituencies in eastern Bhutan except one in Lhuentse.

“This is a typical example where election and results can be totally unpredictable. This is the charm of democracy,” said the president.

While ECB is yet to officially announce the results, Lotay Tshering congratulated the three other parties for participating in the third parliamentary election and DPT for getting the chance to contest in the general round for three consecutive times.

He said DNT is getting to participate in the general round this year because of good work carried out by the former two governments.

“I am personally happy because DNT, being a party outside the parliament for the last five years, could manage to connect with so many supporters who could identify with our ideology of narrowing the gap,” he said. “We want to continue connecting with the people and respect their opinion. But, it has just started. We have a long way to go because it is a continuous process.”

More than the party, Lotay Tshering said that people supporting DNT would be excited to see the party actually narrowing the gap. “So, we are excited to fulfill their wishes.”

He said the people supported DNT because health is the party’s priority. “I am more convinced that improvement in health care services, especially those in rural areas cannot be more emphasised.” Given the chance to govern, he said, DNT will definitely provide that and would ensure that equity or access to health services would be improved.

“As long as we have our visionary leader as head of the state and a pool of efficient qualified civil servants, the government’s job is to tap on these potentials.”

Dechen Tshomo