Nim Dorji | Trongsa

The Farm Machinery Corporation Ltd.’s (FMCL) vegetable project in Phaithang, Trongsa is venturing into mass vegetable production this winter.

Spread across 50 acres, the project that started in March this year has harvested over 500kg of beans and 20kg of chillies so far.

Farm assistant, Shacha Dorji, said that given the potential of the area to grow winter crops, the project was focussing on three vegetables. Transplantation of broccoli, cauliflower and garlic are currently underway. The produce is expected to reach the markets by January next year.

One of the residents, Paday, said that the land in Phaithang was suitable to grow all kinds of cereals and vegetables. As this is the first year, she thinks production would not be much this year.  “But we had a good harvest of beans and chilli. I think winter vegetables would also grow well.”

The project is also expecting to harvest around 150kg of tomatoes from the 15 poly-houses.

The project plans to grow vegetables throughout the year from 2021.

Pilot paddy cultivation in 58 acres, however, did not do well in this year.

FMCL’s staff Nima Tshering said that paddy saplings were spoilt while they were kept in the poly-house. He said that new saplings were later collected from a nearby village and the whole transplantation was delayed by almost a month and a half.

“The delay in transplantation and lack of irrigation hampered the yield. We are expecting better production in the future. We’d also grow asparagus and ginger.”

Meanwhile, officials said that over 90 percent of the project was complete. “We are yet to complete the fencing works, preparation of irrigation canal, land development in few areas and construction of staff quarters,” said Nima Tshering.

The project has employed some villagers and youth.