Although some villagers in Phangkhar gewog of lower Kheng claimed they have received calls from unknown people, asking them to vote for the party of their choice, it would not influence their votes tomorrow.

The people claim they received the calls after the primary elections. They did not, however, reveal any details about the call.

A farmer, Dorji (name changed), from Budazhi in Phangkhar gewog said someone claiming to be from his village, who lives in Phuentsholing, called him. “I was shocked and didn’t know how to react.”

He alleged the man instructed him to tell other villagers whom to vote for. “We talked for about six minutes and I agreed to whatever he said as I was nervous,” he said.

He said the man advised him to vote wisely.

Dorji, however, said he did not tell anyone in the village what the man told him, as he knew people would not listen to him. “His call also did not change my mind. I have already decided which candidate to vote for by then.”

Another villager from Lichibi said he received a similar call. He said the call neither changed his mind nor he influenced anyone. “I would cast my vote based on my own judgment, as voting is my right. No one should instruct us.”

Although this paper could talk to only two people, at least few more had received similar calls.

Nidup from Phangkhar claimed about nine people in the locality received calls from people trying to tell them whom to vote for. “But I don’t think the calls influenced the people.”

People in Pantang, a small settlement at the banks of Mangdechu and along the Gomphu-Panbang highway, say they see many new faces in the locality as the election nears.

The business community and civil servants in the area do not talk much about politics.

People in lower Kheng, who are mostly engaged in their daily works, say mudslinging and politicking disturb their mind.

A businesswoman said people understand about politics and do not need discussions. “People have already decided whom to vote for.”

She said people do not care much about what others tell them.

Both the men said they did not receive any call after the first call.

Tashi Tenzin  | Phangkhar