Bhutanese living across the border will have to come to the thromde for the Population and Housing Census of Bhutan (PHCB) census on May 30. There are about 1,700 families that make about 5,500 Bhutanese living in Jaigaon.

Heads of the families can represent.

The PHCB, meanwhile, started recording day workers from across the border in Phuentsholing from 5am today.

Official from the National Census Secretariat (NCS), Sangay Bidha, said that people entering Phuentsholing would be recorded at the gates.

“We are targeting day workers and causal visitors,” she said, adding that a separate group has been identified to carry out this work.

NCS team will also conduct population count in hotels in Phuentsholing to record casual visitors from across the border today evening.

Sangay Bidha said the post on social media, which claimed that data on living across the border will be  used to allocate the NHDCL housing  was “not true.”

“People should not be misinformed,” she said.

Phuentsholing Thrompon Uttar Kumar Rai said that hundreds of people from across the border come and go everyday. “It is compulsory for Bhutanese living across the border to come for national census.It is very important to have accurate data.”

He added that planning policies and laying budgets in future all depended on having accurate population data. It is also important for future projections in development activities.

There are about 284 enumerators and 28 supervisors in Phuentsholing

Rajesh Rai | Phuentsholing