Lottery: Phuensum Dharim, Bhutan’s monthly paper lottery had its first draw in Phuentsholing yesterday.

The winning number for the first prize of Nu 1 million is 0044337; for the second prize of Nu 500,000 the number is 0150865; and for the third prize of Nu 200,000 it is 0092335.

About 60 percent of the 200,000 printed lotteries were sold.

Royal Bhutan Lottery Limited (RBLL) CEO Phenphay R Drukpa said it was a successful first draw.

“Although it did not make a huge profit, our main objective is fulfilled,” the CEO said, adding that RBLL’s main motive was to promote lottery opportunities for the future. “People are satisfied.”

Phenphay R Drukpa also said that RBLL is satisfied with the outcome of the first draw yesterday. He said it was a “smooth draw”. RBLL will know its exact profit today.

During the draw, it took four tries to get the first winning number, and two tries for the second prize. Phenphay R Drukpa said that it is compulsory to draw winners for the first three prizes.

Meanwhile, just as the Phuensum Dharim draw was being held yesterday, the results of an unknown lottery in the name of Bhutan Lucky was also doing the rounds on social media.

“There is a fake website and results,” Phenphay R Drukpa said. “We don’t know about it and from where they are coming.” He said people should be careful with scams.

Meanwhile, RBLL is also drawing a bumper lottery on December 17. The first prize is a kilogramme of gold. About 50,000 lottery tickets have already been circulated.

The monthly lottery will also be drawn at the end of December. However, it will have different prizes.

RBLL launched its first monthly paper lottery, Phuensum Dharim, for the domestic market in early November this year. The business is projected to make about Nu 366 million (M) starting from 2018.

RBLL has already appointed eight regional sales agents across the country.

Rajesh Rai | Phuentsholing