A team comprising officials from the Royal Bhutanese Consulate (RBC) Kolkata, Bhutan Exporter Association (BEA), regional office of Bhutan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Phuentsholing), and regional customs Office of Phuentsholing and Samtse made joint visits to the custom check points and trade and transit routes in West Bengal, India this week. The officials visited the trade routes of Changrandha, Fulbhari, Chamarchi, Looksan, and Jaigaon in West Bengal, India from May 15 until yesterday. The joint visit by the officials was initiated by RBC, Kolkata and Bhutan Exporters Association, to familiarise trade and transit routes and between Bhutan, West Bengal and Bangladesh. The Consul General, RBC, Kolkata led the team with President of BEA, Commissioner Customs of RBC Kolkata, and Consul Trade, RBC.