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Novelty: A queue of arriving passengers waiting to complete immigration procedures stretches all the way onto the apron of Paro international airport


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    MIGNIEN says:

    My comment above are note quoted neither in “recents comments” nor in “latest forum topics” . Why ? It a very important problem notified by my guides i teach from claiming passengers . !!!

    MIGNIEN says:

    Alas , my last comments are not been taking in account !

    What a pity for the 2015 bhutan year !
    The passenger wait on the tarmac like cattle waiting to come in in the abbatoir !! In any internationa airport there is a so bad welcome !
    What become the passenger in case of rain , frozen temperature , of windy weather ? Iam sick for this country I love so much !
    When this airport will have international standards of welcoming passengers !
    More than being the worst airport according pilots , passengers standing on the tarmac.is incredible ! The french speaking bhutanese guides I teach in french cannot answer with claiming and angy of their tourists !

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