Coinciding with the First Sermon of Lord Buddha on July 14, former Tsugla Lopon Samten Dorji launched a book titled “Buddhist Jurisprudence and Pre-Constitutional Principles” in a simple ceremony at the residence of retired Chief Justice Sonam Tobgye in Chang Gidaphu. Written by former Thrimchi Lyonpo Sonam Tobgye, who was also the chairman of the Constitution Drafting Committee,  and Jeffrey Avina, the book attempts to compile the codes, rules, legal precepts and laws from the Buddha’s teachings, from different Buddhist schools, traditions and Buddhist-influenced secular States into a format which enables a cogent review alongside Western philosophical and jurisprudence models and their frameworks.

It also provides a legal and even pre-Constitutional format for the conduct and protection of communities which were similar to but long pre-dated, most Western jurisprudential concepts and constitutional democracy.