The Sertog (golden pinnacle) of the Utse (centre tower) of Lingzhi Yue-Gyal Dzong was installed yesterday. Leytshog Lopen of the Central Monastic Body, Sangay Dorji, presided over the installation ceremony and consecrating the newly built Thongdrel of Zhabdrung Phuensum Tshogpa and unveiled it to the public. 

Lingzhi Dzong is located at about 4,300 metres (m) above sea level. The dzong used to house both the drungkhag administration and monastic body until it was damaged in an earthquake in September 2011.  Before that, the dzong was first destroyed in an earthquake in 1867, rebuilt in the 1950s, and partly renovated in 2005. 

Reconstruction of the dzong began in March 2018. The project worth Nu 400 million is funded by the government of India is scheduled to complete by June 2023.