A team of nine members including six desuups, led by trainer Casper Bodewitz, have created Bhutanese themed 2D adventure game “Pinzhi”.

The game features Pema, a young girl on a quest to restore peace and prosperity in her village. To find the four magical friends – the elephant, monkey, rabbit, and the bird – Pema journey’s through different dzongkhags and places.

The game has five levels, each taking players to different dzongkhag. Players travel from Sarpang to find the elephant, Trongsa for the monkey, Bumthang for the rabbit, and Trashiyangtse to find the bird, ending in Paro at Taktsang Monastery.

The game is priced at Nu 120 for Bhutanese and USD 2 internationally. It can be found on Steam, a video game distribution platform, and on itch.io, a platform where you can buy games.

The main idea for this game came from Casper, who was inspired by the Thuenpa Puenzhi or Four Friends. He said that he found murals of the Four Friends in dzongs and lhakhangs he visited.

The project also marked the birth of Green E-Integrated Pvt. Ltd., a startup company formed by the team members. Launched just six months ago, the company’s aim was to provide youths with a platform to stay in Bhutan and work in the IT field at a world-class level, said Casper.

The team took 10 months to develop the game.

The team members were selected by Casper based on their motivation.