At an hourly fee, these provide safe and fun environment for little children to spend time in  

 RECREATION: A few indoor playground centres have come up in the capital to cater to the growing number of children in the city.

Play Garden is the newest in town.  The centre has various indoor playground equipment, like trampoline, slides, ball pool and swings sets, among others. They have soft flooring for children’s safety.

Children, ranging till the age of eight years, are seen swarming the centre, some jumping on the trampoline, while some slide and swing with friends.

Quietly watching from a distance is Tashi Chenzom, 36, who has brought her two boys to play at the centre.  It is their second time here.

“The place is safe, less crowded and clean for the kids,” Tashi Chenzom said. “Similar centres should also be opened for older children.”

Such centres are also places where children open up, interact and make new friends.

Kesang Yuden, owner of the centre, said she wanted to open a safe place for children, and a place where parents can have a good time as well. The centre that opened November last year provides free wifi and snacks at the counter.

It costs Nu 250 for an hour’s play at the centre.

Kesang Yuden has employed two female staff, who look after the children playing at the centre.

“The playground is designed and assembled by professionals from China and helps in the motor development of children through physical exercises, such as climbing, crawling and running, among others,” Kesang Yuden said.

The floor is covered with soft foam and is safe even if a child falls.  There are nets and roof for protection.

“I’m also planning to introduce music, reading and art classes, along with educational toys, for children,” said Kesang Yuden. “I want to provide a three-hour drop in service for parents as well.”

The indoor playground centre at Shearee Square Thimphu in Olakha, Thimphu provides similar facilities and is popular among children.  The centre has a space, where children can run around and play games.  There are game arcade sections for young and older children.

Parents too can be seen playing games at the centre, when their children are engaged in other activities.

The centre at Shearee Square Thimphu gets about 50 to 60 children a week.  It costs Nu 50 for an hour’s play.

By Thinley Zangmo