Basketball: The Bhutan Basketball Federation (BBF) is exploring measures to reinforce the structure at the indoor basketball court in Swimming Pool Complex, Thimphu as a precautionary measure for the safety of the players and spectators.
After the April 25 earthquake, the federation put up a notice for the safety of the players and spectators, informing individuals to enter the hall at their own risk.
However, the notice did not deter the basketball enthusiasts from playing at the court. Some of the players said that the reason for them to come and play at the swimming pool complex was because of facilities available there like the timer and referees.
Tshering Tashi, a basketball aficionado, said that although there are a few other places where people can play the game, most prefer the swimming pool complex because of cheaper fee.
“But more than the fee, it’s the charm of playing there and the history of the court that draws basketball enthusiast,” Tshering Tashi said.
A survey conducted by the Bhutan Olympic Committee in 2010 found that basketball was the second popular sport in the country.
Basketball enthusiasts are seen flocking the courts in the capital on a daily basis waiting their turn. Advance bookings are made weeks ahead. A minimum of five to six bookings are made daily at the Swimming Pool Complex.
BFF conducted a second round of investigation recently. Engineers said that except for some external cracks, no major damage was found.
However, BBF is still allows players to enter the court at their own risk because the structure has not undergone any repair since the early 1970s.
Younten Tshedup