Police in Phuentsholing arrested 99 people and registered 95 cases relating to substance abuse this year.

Police sources said the number increased from last year and most cases are related to Spasmo Proxyvon Plus, commonly known as SP+.

The recent case was reported on October 30, where a college student studying in Dehradun, India, was arrested at the second gate.

The 25-year-old man had 1,413 pieces of SP+.

Police sources also said that of the 95 cases this year, 48 were arrested for illegal trafficking and 38 for abuse and possession. Five were arrested for smuggling.

A police official said parents should be more cautious with the winter vacation nearing.

“Most students come to Phuentsholing,” he said, adding that Phuentsholing has easy access to SP+ from across the border.  “Checking and monitoring would be intensified.”

In 2017, Phuentsholing police arrested 93 people related to substance abuse and trafficking. Eight were non-Bhutanese.

From the total arrested, 71 cases were registered with the police.

In 2016, about 126 persons were arrested and a total of 86 cases were registered. In 2015, police arrested 107 people in drugs-related cases and registered 83 cases.

Rajesh Rai  | Phuentsholing