Bumthang, Trongsa and Zhemgang are well ahead of the curve in terms of targets met

APA: Lyonchhoen Tshering Tobgay lauded the impressive progress Bumthang, Zhemgang and Trongsa made, following their signing of the performance agreement with the prime minister.

Seeing the report card so far, lyonchhoen congratulated the three central dzongkhags for achieving most of the targets. “If this is what you have achieved by mid-year, performance agreement can be very much achieved by the next six months,” lyonchhoen said.

Lyonchhoen, however, said that, while some achievements even exceeded the target, dzongkhags must work harder to continue to achieve those challenging ones, which are yet to be materialised.  The Prime Minister also assured unflinching support to work closely to realise these challenges arising in the dzongkhags.

During the review, Trongsa dzongda, Tshewang Rinzin, reported remarkable progress in enhancing food self-sufficiency and household income.  The dzongkhag reported of the actual production exceeding the set target in production of rice, pork and fruit.

“While our target for rice was 1,902 metric tonnes (MT) per year, the production touched 1,920MT already,” Tshewang Rinzin said, adding even fruit production, including orange and guava, was overachieved.

Similarly Zhemgang also reported rice production in the dzongkhag exceeding its target of 1,838MT by 64MT.

“The set targets for rice, wheat, citrus, egg, and milk production were all achieved, some even exceeding the targets,” Zhemgang dzongrab, Mani Sangye said, adding even vegetable production improved drastically after dzongkhag tshogdu signed a performance agreement with gups in 2013 to reduce import.

“Every household now owns a kitchen garden, from which by the end of the year the production will be even better,” Mani Sangye said.

Bumthang also reported producing 684MT of buckwheat against the target of 181MT.  Annual wheat production has also been exceeded by 270MT.

“Milk and egg production are also well in progress to enable us to achieve the target by the annual review,” Bumthang dzongrab, Sonam Tshering, said.

Though vegetable production is underachieved, work to expedite its production to meet the target by the annual review would be undertaken, Sonam Tshering said.

Three dzongkhags also reported over 95 percent achievement in primary school enrollment. “Except for some disabled children, the dzongkhag has successfully enrolled every child in school,” Tshewang Rinzin said.

Lyonchhoen, however, asked both Bumthang and Zhemgang to compile a report on those children left out of the schools and the deaths of eight infants.

The dzongkhags also reported proposing and establishing 11 community forest managements for sustainable forest management.

The central dzongkhags are also working on improving the conditions of farm road either with construction of new roads or by repairing the existing.

“Bumthang is trying to keep farm roads motorable throughout the year, with plans to clear the blockades within 24 hours of the blockades, with help of central machinery unit based in Bumthang,” Bumthang dzongrab, Sonam Tshering said.

Meanwhile, lyonchhoen also agreed to help Zhemgang dzongkhag expedite the budget release for construction of four new farm roads.

“Most farm roads must remain open throughout the year, if possible, on the same day of the occurrence (of a block),” lyonchhoen said.

The dzongkhags also reported achieving over 95 percent of rural water supply scheme.  The dzongkhags, however, will re-assess the functionality of the water supplies in the villages.

To improve urban infrastructure, a recreational park was opened and waste segregation at household level and new landfills are being planned.


By Tempa Wangdi, Trongsa