Crime: Tsimasham police detained a 26-year-old woman for possessing controlled substances on December 6.

Police claimed they arrested the woman at around 9pm from Tsimasham town during a surprise checking. She was travelling in a taxi from Phuentsholing to Thimphu.

The suspect, who is from Trongsa, was alleged of carrying 3,600 Spasmo-proxyvon (SP) capsules and 400 Nitrosun 10 (N10) tablets.

According to the suspect’s statement to police, she smuggled the controlled substances worth Nu 25,000 from the border in Jaigaon, India.

“She confessed that the substances were for self consumption,” a police official said.

Police also apprehended a 22-year-old man from Tsimasham for possessing 1,432 SP capsules on November 29.

Both the suspects are unemployed.

Staff reporter