Thimphu police detained a 29-year-old man, an illegal immigrant, for his alleged involvement in burglaries and an attempt to burglarise on March 25.

According to police officials, the man was arrested after a Thimphu resident, who was in the bedroom of an apartment located in Centenary Farmers Market area, heard someone entering his house a few minutes after his wife left on March 25.

When the man went to check, he found a stranger in his apartment. Upon inquiry, the stranger told the man that he was looking for his girlfriend who went missing since morning that day.

The man, finding the stranger suspicious, reported the matter to police.

Police frisked the man and found a wrench and a hotel key with him. “Upon searching the hotel room, we found a silk gho, kiras, jewellery, passports and cash, among others, worth about Nu 400,000,” a police official said. “There were also bank deposit receipts thorough which we connected the owners.”

Police claimed that after investigation, they found that he was involved in the burglary of two houses in the city that occurred on March 24.

The suspect, it was found, was from Alipur, India, and claimed that he has a Bhutanese wife and they have a child together.

Police alleged that the man did not have the required permit to be in the country and that the man claimed he is in Thimphu for census purposes. “We are yet to verify his statement,” an official said.

Officials said there are many cases where burglars enter the house and pretend to look for people when they come across residents. “People should report such cases to police.”

Dechen Tshomo