Police arrested five individuals in the last two weeks for allegedly smuggling 11.045 kilogrammes of gold into the country.

A 36 and 31-year-old men were arrested at Paro International Airport on August 27 around 10:30AM. The men were flying from Bangkok, Thailand in Bhutan Airlines.

Officials from the investigation bureau said based on a tip off, the two suspects were arrested with the help of custom officers at the airport with 6.89 kgs and 4.155 kgs of gold concealed in their waist belt. “We have handed over the seized gold to Royal Monetary Authority for security.”

Following an interrogation, police arrested the third suspect from Paro on September 6 and another two suspects from Thimphu on September 7. Of the three suspects, two were businessmen while the other was a technician with Bhutan Airlines.

The technician was detained for allegedly helping the suspects take the USD out of the country since the cash was beyond the permissible limit. The other two were arrested for sending money to procure the gold. Officials said the gold biscuits seized were worth about Nu 30 million.

Officials said that of the five suspects, three had a share from 11.045 kgs of gold while the other two were involved in aiding the crime.

This is the third gold case reported this year in Paro. The case is under investigation.

Kelzang Wangchuk