Rinchen Zangmo | Tsirang

Tsirang police expects to conclude their investigation into the alleged girls molestation by an officiating principal of primary school in the dzongkhag this week.

Officials said that it would take at least three days to finish the investigation.

The complaint lodged on November 5 alleged that the suspect harrased eight students of class II and III.

The dzongkhag’s child protection unit and Tsirang police initiated a joint investigation, where some students complained of officiating principal engaging in ‘bad touch’.

Police said that if the allegations prove to be wrong, then defamation charges would be filed against those who complained.

Relatives of the accused said that their request to the authorities to grant him bail was denied.

Officials said that depending upon the nature of the case, police and court discuss bail of the suspect. 

 “The bail is not provided when it can hamper the investigation,” an official said.

The suspect was appointed the officiating principal about a month ago, after the former principal was transferred to another school in the dzongkhag.

Around eight students in classes 2 and 3 were involved in the alleged molestation charges against the suspect.

According to sources, it was learnt that awareness campaigns including disaster and health were conducted. No specific awareness campaign related to ‘bad touch’ was conducted. However, it was learnt that class teachers of classes 2 and 3 are mandated to teach life skills education which includes topics such as good touch, bad touch, bad language, and self-awareness, which is prescribed in the syllabus.

Complainants declined to comment as the investigation is underway.