Phuentsholing police detained two Indian men for alleged harassment and three Bhutanese women for deceptive practice.

They were detained following an incident across the border where the three Bhutanese women in their early twenties, who work in a drayang in Phuentsholing, escaped a possible kidnap attempt on March 23.

A police official in Phuentsholing said the three women stay across the border in Jaigaon.

It was alleged that the two Indian men, aged 18 and 19, tried to harass the women with kidnap threats on March 23.

According to the police source, the women had taken Nu 2,000 from the non-Bhutanese while at work in the drayang.

“The women had promised to meet the man after work and had asked Nu 2,000 in advance,” the police official said.

However, the women went missing after the drayang was closed.

Disgruntled, the man then hired two local men across the border and asked them to either collect the money or kidnap the women.

It was alleged that the two men tried to kidnap the women across the border on March 23. while a group of men waited on the other side.

The women negotiated and asked them to come at the drayang in Phuentsholing. Problems ensued when the two men reached the drayang in Phuentsholing.

“We reached the scene and learned about it,” the police official said.

Police say such incidents would have future implications because many drayang girls stay across the border. “They do not realise what could happen,” the police official said. “It could be dangerous.”

Phuentsholing has eight registered drayangs and 15 karaoke centres.

One drayang owner in the heart of the town alleged that about two to three drayangs have girls who resort to such deceptive practices.

“I think it is the responsibility of the drayang owners to advise the girls,” he said.

The drayang owner said he has seen a lot of men from across the border being looted. Such trend is spoiling the image of drayangs that are functioning as per the rule.

Since most of the drayang girls stay across the border, the drayang owner said such practice by drayang girls could be risky for their own lives.

Meanwhile, police say they will charge the people involved to the court.

Rajesh Rai | Phuentsholing