Family members of the two men, who were beaten in Khomsar, Zhemgang on Wednesday, wrote to Bardo gewog administration asking whether officer in command (OC) of Zhemgang could be allowed to assault the farmers.

The incident occurred when the duo was riding a bike without helmets and driving licence.

Along the way, they met the OC, who was in Khomsar for a suicide case investigation.

One of the victims was the son-in-law of the woman, who had committed suicide in Khomshar recently.

The owner of the motorbike, Pasang Dorji, said that he appealed to the gewog administration about the incident.

“I was worried if my head suffered a serious injury,” he said. “The official started beating without saying anything.”

The family of the victim submitted to the gewog administration asking whether officials are allowed to manhandle in such situations.

Bardo gewog gup, Kinzang Jurmey, said that he had asked the dzongkhag administration about the incident, as the officer knew more about the law.

“I wasn’t sure what to do. And didn’t know if the victim suffered a severe injury,” Kinzang Jurmey said. “The family members were worried if the incident had caused a serious injury on the head.”

The case was mutually resolved yesterday.