Staff Reporter 

South Thimphu police arrested three youths for burglary of an Apple shop in Thimphu on November 30.

According to police officials, the suspects broke into the shop on the night of November 26 and stole Apple products worth Nu 50 million.

The suspects were aged between 20 to 25 years and worked in the construction sector.

The owner of the shop lived a floor above the shop in the same building, but did not realise when the thieves broke through the back door of the shop.

Police used CCTV footage from the cameras installed inside the shop to identify the thieves.

The stolen items consisted of iPhones, MacBook Pro laptops, Apple pencils, and keyboards. The products were found hidden in the forest and buried in a hole near their worksite.

The police said that the suspects could be caught within a short time because the burglary was reported to them immediately.

“Before we began the interrogation, we talked with the people around the shop and told them about tracing the culprits through the unique Apple product serial numbers,” the officer said.

This prevented them from selling any of the products, the officer said.

Edited by Tshering Palden