Accident: Police in Gelephu ruled out foul play in the death of an Indian worker who died in the toilet of a workshop he was working in on January 16.

The workshop’s owner reported the incident to police after the Indian national was found dead in the workshop’s toilet.

Workers at the workshop told police that they broke down the toilet door as the deceased took a long time and found him dead on the floor.

The deceased, who is 46 years old, was from Alipur in India. He worked as a welder in the workshop.

A police investigation and forensic team determined that the victim died because of an epileptic seizure. “There were no injuries on the body,” a police official said.

Workers told police that the deceased was an alcoholic and had a history of epilepsy.

However, officials said that it is not known for how long the deceased was in the toilet because the case was reported to them in the evening.

Police said the body was handed over to an Indian national who is from the same village of the deceased after completing all formalities.

Staff reporter