Thimphu police said that they would charge any person reporting false information to the court.

This was after the police received two false complaints recently.

On October 16, a boy filed a complaint with the police saying that he was robbed by a group of boys near Bhutan Telecom Limited in Chubachu in Thimphu. He claimed that they took his mobile phone.

During investigation, however, it was found that the boy filed a false complaint to the police.

Similarly, on October 21, two private security personnel from Bjimena filed a complained that a group of men came at the industrial estate and beat them up.

Later, the police found that the men filed a false complaint.

In the first incidence, it was learnt that the boy lied about the incident to his family members after he got home late.

In case of the second incident, a police official said that the two security personnel had fought with each other and had themselves injured. “They filed a false complaint because they were worried that if the company came to know they might lose their job.”

Staff Reporter