Chief of Police, Colonel Chimi Dorji, wrote to home secretary on August 28, informing that the Royal Bhutan Police (RBP) will check all pool vehicles (BG vehicles) at the check posts.

The letter states that in view of the increasing number of drugs smugglers in the country, the RBP will conduct strict checking of all vehicles at the check posts with immediate effect.

“The government drivers should refrain from transacting drugs in their vehicles,” it states.

Superintendent of police with traffic division, Lieutenant Colonel Namgay, said that some preference was given to the government vehicles, especially when they have senior officials travelling for meetings and conferences.

“They did not have to wait in the queue during highway checking. However, if vehicles including government vehicles is found violating traffic rules, violators are penalised.”

“We conduct regular highway checking thrice a week,” he added.

The deputy chief of police for crime, Colonel Dorji Wangchuk, said that all vehicles including the armed force vehicles would now be strictly checked at the check posts and during high way checking.

A corporate driver, Pema, said: “It has been more than a year now that the government vehicles are checked during the highway checking.”

Another driver, Ugyen Dorji said, “It is important to check all vehicles irrespective of whether it’s a pool or private vehicle. People differ in their intention and thoughts irrespective of their employment status.”

Ugyen Dorji said those who are involved in smuggling controlled substances should be penaliased as the substances ruin lives of many in the country.

Dechen Tshomo