Tshering Namgyal | Mongar

Mongar dzongkhag Covid-19 taskforce forwarded the cases of those who breached lockdown protocol last week.

The taskforce had registered two violation cases during the second nationwide lockdown. One involves three groups of archers in Ngatshang gewog, while a woman’s group in Saling gewog played Khuru on Nyilo.

Sixteen men, including one of the tshogpas and a former gup, played archery in three separate groups in two chiwogs of Ngatshang gewog. On the same day, in Thrindangbi village, Saling gewog eight women played khuru.

One of the women, Rinchen said that she had played khuru for the first time in her life and it turned out to be bad luck.

“I just went there with a friend for a walk and met a group of neighbours who were playing just for fun,” she said adding that they played only two rounds and it was not a real match.

Officials from the gewogs said that they have breached the law despite knowing it was not allowed.

“Despite repeated reminders, it’s difficult to keep an eye on everything as the settlements are scattered and the officials have to remain in the gewog center,” Ngatshang gup, Dorji Leki, said.

Meanwhile, the police are yet to investigate the case given the lockdown.