Crime: Police are yet to establish the cause of the shooting incident that occurred at the Druk Punjab National Bank (DPNB) in Thimphu, on May 14.

Police suspect that the security guard, who shot his co-worker, a driver, was under the influence of alcohol when the incident occurred. The security guard was armed with a self-loading rifle or SLR.

Police are yet to collect the driver’s statement.

The driver is said to be in stable condition and is still admitted at the Thimphu referral hospital. A health official said that the vitals of the victim are being frequently monitored.

The security guard, 50, from Mongar has been detained since May 14. The driver, 40, was shot on the right side of his shoulder with the bullet piercing to the left shoulder and then exiting the body.

The bullet then went through a window.

The driver sustained a 15cm wound, according to health officials.

A parking fee collector said that pieces of glass dropped from the bank’s canteen window following a loud cracking sound. “I ran towards the bank’s entrance and saw some men carrying a man covered in blood,” the parking fee collector said.

According to police, the incident occurred after the duo had an argument. The driver was in the bank’s canteen when he was shot. However, the security guard claimed that the gun went off accidentally. Police have not yet found the bullet that exited the building.

The security guard was directly recruited by DPNB.

DPNB’s CEO, Mukesh Dave, said that the bank did not recruit its security guards from any of the private security firms because it would be on a contract basis. “The security guard is an ex-police personnel,” Mukesh Dave said.

The bank’s managers were aware of the issue between the driver and the security guard, however, the reason for the argument is not known, Mukesh Dave said.
Dechen Tshomo