Phurpa Lhamo | Wangdue

Local leaders in Wangduephodrang are disappointed with poor Internet and communication network in many gewogs.

They raised the issue during the dzongkhag tshogdu (DT) held on April 30.

According to Daga Gup Nado, lack of proper Internet and communications network affected students who were taking online classes due to the pandemic.

He said that although parents bought smart phones, students could not benefit because of unreliable network in their areas.

In Gasetshowom, Hesothangkha chiwog, which is three kilometres away from the dzong, does not have a proper 3G network.

Gasetshowom gup Kinzang Thinley said Internet and communications network issues were raised multiple times in the past DTs. “It is important to know what has been done and what progress has been made by the operators since the issue was last raised.”

In Sephu, issues of network and communications of both Bhutan Telecom (BT) and TashiCell were also raised.

In Bjena gewog, officials said Ngawang Tonchennang chiwog does not have a good network.

Bjena gup Khandu said the gewog administration wrote to the two telecom companies and the issue was also raised during the DT session last year.

In Athang, apart from unreliable 2G voice TCell network, Rukha and Lawa-Lamga chiwogs don’t have internet connection.

Athang gup Khandu Dorji said lack of reliable network affected information delivery process during the elections.

Kazhi and Ruebisa gewogs also share similar stories.

BT Wangdue branch’s senior manager, Sangay Duba, at the DT session said five new towers were installed in Wangdue last year.

He said that a technical team would visit Ngawang Tonchennang chiwog in Bjena gewog and would update the local leaders within two month’s time of their visit.

Wangdue’s TashiCell extension manager Karma Dorji said TCell had plans to install a tower in Sephu this year, which would help solve the unreliable network issue. “Similarly, this year 3G would also be provided to Rukha and Lawa-Lamga chiwogs.”