Kelzang Wangchuk | Samdrupjongkhar

With pleasant weather, it’s time of the year Samdrupjongkhar town residents enjoy the most but not the residents of thromde’s local area plan (LAP) II and III.

The poor drainage system in the two LAP areas, the area stinks. Most of the drains are blocked and covered by grasses.

“We have never seen the concerned authorities clearing the drainage and carrying out maintenance works,” a resident said.

Another resident, Jigme Lhaden, said she always used to clear the drain in front of her house as it often gets blocked but the water stagnates as the drains are connected.

Residents question if it is the thromde’s or other agencies’ responsibility to carry out the clearing and maintenance works.

Thromde’s executive secretary, Tougay Choedup, said they carry out the clearing and maintenance works whenever required but most of the drains are damaged, as they are old. “The drains get filled with water because the drains are small. Water stagnates because the gradients of the drains are bad and not levelled.

He, however, said the thromde received Nu 150M for the small development project (SDP) from the Government of India (GoI) with which they would carry out the reconstruction of the drainage in LAP I, II and III. “We have already awarded the works.”