Chhimi Dema

Beginning today, TashiCell subscribers will get additional data at the existing price for six data plans.

From a total of 13 mobile data plans, the additional data volume is only for six data plans which apply to both prepaid and postpaid.

The six data plans receiving additional data volume are Daily Plan, Weekly Plan, Daza Plan, Daza Plus Plan, Barma Plan and Barma Plus Plan.

The telecom company has come out with this offer after the government’s decision to exempt the 5 percent sales tax on prepaid and postpaid telecom services.

TashiCell’s marketing General Manager Namgay Wangchuk said, “We would like to pass on the benefit of the tax exemption to our subscribers.”

Of the six data plans, Daily Plan, which is worth Nu 19, subscribers will get 70 percent more data, Weekly Plan 32.35 percent, and 28 percent for Daza Plan subscribers. Those using Daza Plus and Barma Plan will get 25 percent additional data, while Barma Plus Plan, which costs Nu 499, subscribers will 20 percent more.

The revised data volume plans are all under the price of Nu 500. Of the six data plans, Daily Plan users got 100 Megabyte (MB) for Nu 19. With the revision, they will now get 170MB. The Barma Plus Plan users will get an additional 1,000MB on top of current data of 5,000MB.

Namgay Wangchuk said that these six data plans were chosen for the additional data as they were the most popular.

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, the revision is expected to help those working from home and students.

“With the pandemic situation, we feel that it is the right time to give additional data volume,” Namgay Wangchuk added.

The revision would also apply to the paper recharge vouchers already released in the market.

The last revision of their mobile data plans was in December 2017.