Tarayana: The founder and president of the Tribal Trust Foundation, USA, Barbara Savage, and her colleagues Kelly Burke and Nancy McGrath donated Nu 250,000 to support Tarayana Foundation’s social impact initiatives.

The group, during their visit to the country, discussed possible collaboration between the two foundations, including partnership to support the Monpa community of Trongsa.

Barbara Savage said the Foundation was honoured to partner with Tarayana in supporting the Monpas, the original inhabitants of Bhutan, and help in preserving their ancient culture.

“Together we look forward to empowering the Monpas, by helping them with their grassroots eco-cultural preservation projects that’ll revive their traditions that have sustained them for thousands of years,” she said.

The Tribal Trust Foundation works to preserve and honour indigenous cultures through education, community and art projects. They also share indigenous wisdom to enhance environmental sustainability.