Crime: Two police personnel are suspected to have played part in an incident that allowed convicted rapist to escape from detention centre in Thimphu on January 4.

The case is being investigated. A departmental inquiry is underway to determine the reason for releasing the prisoner without official letters from the authorities concerned.

The police found that the convict’s release form had been filled and signed.

A 29-year-old prisoner, who was sentenced to a nine-year term in prison for raping a minor, was discharged with a forged release document. The incident happened when documentation and paperwork to transfer the prisoner were being processed.

The prisoner was found missing during evening roll call at the centre. The prisoner, along with his father and a friend, was apprehended on the same day at Khasadrapchu.

Police said that if any involvement of police is proven, he or she will be suspended and handed over to the higher authority.

Younten Tshedup