Serves: Four

Ingredients Quantity

Potato- 600gm

Butter- 50 gm

Nutmeg- a pinch

Datshi (local cheese)- 50 gm

Salt- as per taste

Black pepper- as per taste

Refined oil- 50ml


Oyster mushrooms- 300gm

Onion- 100gm

Green spring onion- 100 gm

Whole red chilli- 25gm

Salt- as per taste

Black pepper- as per taste


To prepare Potato Roesti:

1. Wash and boil potatoes, make sure potatoes are not over boiled

2. Cool, peel and grate them from the thick side of grater

3. Add melted butter, salt, pepper and grated nutmeg to grated potatoes

4. Take nonstick pan, heat it up on medium flame, and add few drops of oil

5. Put grated potato mixture in nonstick pan, don not stir mixture and cook for five to six minutes

6. Turn the side of mixture and cook well until it becomes golden brown

To prepare Herb Tossed Mushrooms:

1. Wash and cut mushrooms

2. Sauté onion in a pan, add mushrooms, red chilli, salt, pepper and cook for two minutes

Final presentation:

1. Serve hot potato roesti, topped with local datshi and tossed mushrooms