Lhakpa Quendren | Gelephu

The 7-kilometre Chhuzanggang Gewog Centre road in Sarpang is filled with dangerous potholes, posing risks to travellers.

The road turns into a mud soup during monsoon and residents are frustrated with the worsening road condition.

Parents who walk a long distance to reach their children to the Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) said that the bad road condition poses a risk to the vehicles and children.

Yadu Prasad Dungana, a resident of Chagsakhar, said that the potholes could cause serious problems such as accidents. “We are worried about children’s safety. Speeding vehicles often splash mud water on pedestrians.”

He said that children often face difficulties. “Kids can easily fall into the potholes; anything can happen.”

A concerned mother, who goes to drop her children at the ECCD every day, said that the road has caused serious concerns for many years and the situation is only worsening. “Something really needs to be done—and soon.”

Frustrated commuters say that a major repair is urgently needed.

Dorji from Pangzor said that the road has not seen any maintenance over the past years. “The number of motorists has been increasing but the road has not been improved. Our people have complained about the road condition over the years.”

A villager said that the state of the road shows poor leadership at the local government.

Gyeltshen, a driver, said that the deteriorating condition of the road cause damage to vehicles.

Chhuzanggang gup Karma Tshering said that the repair and maintenance would not be possible due to a lack of budget. “We have other prioritised activities like the construction of irrigation channels and drinking water.”