Road: People plying the Ura-Nangar bypass say that contractors are yet to hand over the road to the Department of Roads (DoR) but there are numerous potholes already.

Assistant engineer Khamba Dorji said the road is still under maintenance. After the construction of road, contractors will be responsible for maintenance for at least three years.

Khamba Dorji said that there are two stretches on the road that are not yet handed over to DoR, a 13 kilometre (km) stretch from Gektong Zam till Shinyer and a 12.5km stretch from Shinyer till Ura.

Maintenance of the stretch between Gektong Zam and Shinyer will be completed soon. Maintenance of the Shinyer-Ura stretch will take two years.

Khamba Dorji said the 6.45km stretch from Nangar till Gektong Zam was constructed by Rigsar Construction and was handed over to DoR already. “Potholes on this stretch will be maintained departmentally later,” he said.

The East-West highway is shortened by 30km with the double laning  of the 32km Nangar-Ura bypass.

Construction of the bypass began in 2004, but the work was suspended for about two years when the Chamkhar business community objected to the bypass.

Nima Wangdi | Nangar