Residents who use the road leading from the golf club towards the Election Commission of Bhutan (ECB) office are frustrated with the potholes dug in the recently blacktopped road.

Last week a JCB machine was found digging working on the road. The potholes are left open and no one was found working at the site for about a week.

Residents are asking on why the thromde allowed the road to be dug up and left unmonitored causing inconvenience to the road users.

With many offices and residents occupying the nearby area, the road remains busy.

A regular commuter, Sangay said, the road is risky especially the point near the junction of folk heritage and the gate of painting school.

“There is no mark over the hole and the road is narrow,” she said. “It causes traffic jam and there is a chance of accident. We request the thromde to monitor and take necessary action before any mishaps occur.”

The project manager of Hi tech and Chhimi RD Durga Sharma said that the AC machine for blacktopping broke down and they could not complete the work on time.

There is water leakage and the pothole has to be left open to dry for compressing.

“We know how it causes inconvenience to the motorists,” he said. “Our workers and machine are ready now and it will be done today.”

The head of roads and bridge division with Thimphu Thromde, Jangchuk Choden said, the road in certain parts was found cracking so they asked the contractor to find the cause and redo the base course.

The construction period is for 18 months, which will complete on November 25 and in the two years of defect labiality period, the contractor has to do any of the damage caused.

Nim Dorji