Parents would be given an option if they choose not to promote their child

Yangchen C Rinzin

With the 2020 academic session coming to an end for Classes Pre-Primary (PP)-VIII, schools are notified to promote all students based on certain assessments categorised by the education ministry.

School planning and coordination division’s chief programme officer, Kinley Gyeltshen said that all students would be promoted unless parents want their child to repeat in the same class.

“Parents would be given a choice if they prefer their child to repeat the same class if they feel their child hasn’t learned enough. Or if they feel their child is not ready for the next class,” he said.

A few parents, the chief said,  enquired with the department if they would be given the option to retain their children in the same class next year.

Classes PP-VIII have remained closed due to Covid-19 pandemic since March and much of the teaching was conducted through the adapted curriculum that was delivered through television, Google classroom, social media, radio, and the Self-Instructional Materials (SIM) for remote students.

The education ministry has come up with the assessment protocols to promote students since given the nature of remote learning and health and safety protocols, formal assessment and examination were not feasible.

Kinley Gyeltshen said that there will be no ranking of students or marking, as it would not be fair with many students in remote areas lacking access to online education.

“Respective teachers have already recorded the progress report on a daily basis where they’ve taught through different online mediums,” he said, adding that those students who didn’t respond to the online classes are being ensured by teachers to complete the work before assessing.

He added that the Royal Education Council has already toned down the curriculum and provided guidelines on the assessment. “So, all students would automatically pass the assessment.”

Going by the guidelines, promoting students of Classes PP-VIII would be based on assessment tasks provided through video lessons/radio lessons/SIM and other social media apps.

The promotion would be based on short assignment or objective questions or conventional tests from the video/radio lessons assigned through google classroom or SIM. Students would be asked to submit their assignments and would be assessed for promotion.

With many students being promoted to the next class without formal learning, especially Class PP where schools were closed five days after they were enrolled, many questioned if students would be ready for the next lessons.

However, Kinley Gyeltshen said that to ensure students understand the lessons, all schools are asked to provide remedial and bridging lessons as appropriate in the coming academic year 2021.

“This is to make up for the gaps and learning lost in this academic session.”