Winter: With drop in temperature, people in Bumthang are busy fetching firewood and setting up Bukharis (wood-fed heating appliance).

Already smoke can be seen billowing from the chimneys of village houses. And the picture of people carrying firewood by the roadsides is common these days.

This is also the time of the year when people spend sitting in bars by the fire, especially in the evening.

Tshering, 32, from Dekiling said that people cannot live without Bukhari in winter. “Electric heater is not effective and it is also expensive,” she said.

Tshering and her husband collect firewood that will last for about a month and she is also going to buy some more from suppliers. “I started using Bukhari from the beginning of this month.”

Nidup, another resident, said that dried wood burns fast. “Burning wet with dried wood is better,” she said.

Tshewang, a corporate employee, said that he already bought half a truckload of firewood paying Nu 6,000. He said that people can’t do anything without a Bukhari at home in Bumthang at this time. He started using Bukhari since October as he has two school going children.

Leki Wangdi, 34, said Bukhari serves dual purposes. It can help heat water and cook besides heating the house. “He said it is difficult to even walk inside the house due to cold.”

Nima Wangdi | Chamkhar