Fire accidents in Bhutan have become a common occurrence, and every single time, it is blamed on short circuit. This is an alarming issue, and it is high time we took a serious approach towards it.

The inconclusive and lack of detailed investigation is even more concerning since accountability becomes difficult to achieve. It is a matter of deep concern that with limited access to information beyond the media, we are losing out on holding people responsible for their negligence in fire safety measures.

Authorities responsible must conduct a thorough and detailed investigation into fire accidents. Investigating the reasons behind why a short circuit even happens is important to prevent similar incidences in the future. Cutting corners in safety measures to save money is never justified when it comes to public safety.

Accountability is crucial when it comes to fire safety measures. It is the responsibility of the builders, homeowners, and the authorities concerned to ensure that the building has all the safety measures in place. Yet, we have seen innumerable examples of buildings and households without adequate fire safety measures. The current state shows that the authorities on fire safety can do a lot more to monitor and enforce safety measures.

Ensuring transparency in the investigation process is imperative. It becomes easier to hold the parties concerned accountable when the investigation process is transparent. It is time the government authorities took responsibility for providing detailed information and reports on the investigation process. This is essential to create trust and confidence in the system, and to ensure that there is no violation of responsibilities.

Public awareness for fire safety is fundamental to creating a safe and secure environment. It is the duty of the government to make people aware of fire safety measures to prevent fire accidents. Educating children and adults on basic fire safety, emergency protocols, and measures are essential to creating a culture of safety.

The lack of proper investigation into the causes of the fire accidents, and the absence of accountability have resulted in tragic circumstances. The government needs to take action to create safer conditions. This requires transparency in the investigation process, holding people accountable, and investing in public awareness programmes.

We must ensure that fire safety measures are taken seriously and enforced without any shortcuts. It is our responsibility to create a fire-safe environment.