Preventing youth crime

Two stabbings in less than a week. One fatal. Should we be alarmed? We should. We’re a small society and two is too many.

The question we should ask ourselves is are we doing enough to prevent such incidents from happening.

It is the summer break and the youth are out in the streets.

Have we prepared enough to ensure there are enough activities to keep them occupied?

There may be some activities being held to engage the youth but not enough. Additionally, these activities usually attract those who are already good at something, i.e. dancing or athletics.

It is not these youth we’re too concerned with. It is those who may be underperforming in school and those who have not found a passion.

We need to identify activities to be held during school breaks that would attract these youth.

Not all will be attracted. Therefore, it is important that we reach out to them during the breaks.

There are volunteer groups available today, such as the Friends of Police, the police-youth groups, those who’ve defeated their addictions. More groups could be organised including those who’ve been rehabilitated after being penalised for crimes, concerned parents and citizens, and the religious, among others.

Groups like these that can play a very crucial role in reaching out to these youth, in speaking to them about the consequences of crime, and to help them find direction in life.

We already know that the youth are going to be pushing boundaries during their breaks. We need our police to be out in force during these two weeks. Having them in large numbers would serve as a deterrent. Having them go up and talk to groups of youth loitering around, just to find out what they’re up to, and get some feedback about any potential trouble, could prevent crimes from happening.

Finally, we come back to the easy accessibility to alcohol. While there are rules in place and periodic inspections. There is a need for even stricter enforcement of laws when it comes to selling alcohol to minors.

It is a common knowledge that sales of alcohol to the underaged and closure rules are flouted, especially in the periphery areas. When rules are flouted, that means, the offenders are not afraid of the consequences or the enforcers. There is a need to identify why and reverse this situation. We need to keep our youth out of trouble and safe.

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  1. irfan
    irfan says:

    Youth crime or youth related crime is alarming for any society. And when we are talking youth committing crimes like cold blooded murders, it’s indeed a highly alarming situation. What has robbed our youth of their very fundamental sense of judgement…judgement between the right and the wrong and judgement between good acts and crimes? A society must answer this enquiry for its youths or we are bound to fail them forever.

    Youth crimes get linked with so many factors from lack of adequate and proper parenting to inability in handling failures to drug and alcohol abuse to absence of ample youth related activities, both economic and non-economic ones. It’s mentioned in this post about academic under performances and lack of genuine passions as another reasons for youth crimes. But the fundamental question remains as it is…what has robbed our youth of their sense of judgement! Even a true and genuine passion can bring us better judgements so that we don’t turn into criminals.

    Problems happen when our youth want to achieve success that’s beyond their natural abilities or strengths and they get passionate about it. So many times, we as parents or elders of our youth force them to such pressure that they fail to handle without losing their sense of judgement. But it’s not always a case of who needs to be blamed or punished. Once a youth turns a criminal for reasons of his own; it’s much easier to invest on him for those who runs and controls the world of organised crimes.

    You try to stop him there after the first a few acts of crime and he will only run away from you into the darker world of crimes of all kinds. So it’s really important that we stop our youth from that very first act of crime before things get out of control. In my opinion only our youths can stop a fellow youth from entering the world of crime. Distraction from the right path to a wrong one of crimes will be plenty; but the entire youth of a society, a nation and world must come together as one human organisation to stop a few of them from entering into serious crimes.

    And how we as the seniors and grown ups give our youth a better sense of judgement is one huge responsibility that we can’t afford to fail. If only we are the better judges in the activities of life, we can give our youth a society where they can practice better judgements than us. Or else, preventing youth crimes will become more and more an uphill task.

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