Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay met with the ambassadors of Myanmar, Mongolia, Slovenia and Serbia, yesterday.

Speaking with the first ambassador of Myanmar to Bhutan, U Aung Khin Soe, Lyonchoen expressed gratitude towards Myanmar for sending doctors to work in Bhutan. A total of 71 doctors have been sent so far.

Lyonchoen visited Myanmar in 2014 in the first bilateral visit by the head of government.

Diplomatic relations between the two countries was established in 2012.

In his meeting with the Mongolian ambassador, Gonchig Ganbold, also the central Asian country’s first ambassador to Bhutan,  Lyonchoen thanked Mongolia for allowing Bhutanese doctors to undergo higher studies in traditional medicines there. So far, seven doctors have already been trained and two are currently studying there.

Lyonchoen and the ambassador also discussed United Nations peacekeeping. The ambassador informed Lyonchoen that Mongolia is the highest contributor to United Nations peacekeeping and that Mongolia will be happy to share their lessons. Accepting the support and guidance, Lyonchoen informed the ambassador that Bhutan is young in this area and said that more people need to participate in peacekeeping to ensure peace and rule of law.

Lyonchoen discussed several areas with the ambassador of Slovenia and Serbia, including farm tourism, hydropower, culture, agriculture, and sports, among others.